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Happy World FM Day!

Today is World FM day!

World FM Day is a Global FM initiative to celebrate the importance of the FM profession. It aims to raise the profile of FM around the globe, promoting facilities management’s ideals, not only within the profession and industry, but also among governments and the general business community.

The theme this year is ‘Empowering people for a productive world’, and looks at how facilities management enables different business disciplines to collaborate to deliver high quality business performance.

Speaking on the theme, Duncan Waddell, Chairman of Global FM, said “FM is all about enablement; as a sector we enable people to work, we enable the economy, we enable technology, we enable social interaction – the list is endless. At the crux of all of this is people – and for this year’s World FM Day we aim to highlight how we, as FM professionals, empower people to reach their full potential and in turn create a productive world”.

Craftex are proud to work in such an industry, and through our innovative solutions, strive to help create a productive world for our clients.

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