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Industry Sector Focus: Healthcare

Whilst every environment requires different procedures and cleaning systems, the healthcare sector has very strict requirements that must be met.  Healthcare facilities are held to a high standard of cleanliness by patients, their families, healthcare staff and by industry standards and regulations.

In environments such as nursing homes and hospitals, we at Craftex recognise that a tidy area room with clean surfaces is comforting to patients and their families, giving the impression of good quality care without risk of contamination.

Although cleanliness is important in any economic sector, healthcare has a dual function of hygiene control and infection prevention.

The Carpex 12:270 is a self-contained, injection-extraction machine with built-in powerbrush. A real winner in the healthcare sector, this machine is easy to use and cleans both carpets and hard floors. Compact and manoeuvrable, this unit is ideal for use around furniture, and with the additional handtool, can also be used to clean upholstery.

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