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Industry Sector Focus: Education

Studies show that the level of cleanliness within a school has a direct impact on the ability to learn.  At Craftex, we work closely with clients who clean within the Education Sector to ensure the best suited equipment is used to ensure the highest results are achieved throughout their cleaning regimes.

We have supplied equipment to a variety of academic institutions ranging from primary schools to universities and always have in mind to contribute to creating a clean and hygienic environment, conducive to educational excellence, for both teachers and students.

Within the educational sector, there is a broad range of areas that are cleaned including classrooms, catering areas, changing rooms, sports halls, corridors and toilets.  Each of these come with their own characteristics and requirements and we pride ourselves in providing the best suited equipment for this.

With no trailing leads or power cables, the Ultimex Back Pack Vac is great for cleaning classrooms or lecture areas where there is a lot of fixed seating.  The renowned Scrubex range has a variety of units suitable for cleaning hard floor areas, leaving them dry enough to walk on in the quickest time possible, eliminating slip hazards.  The Foamex system is ideally suited to toilets and changing rooms to quickly and effectively sanitise the area of bacteria.

When it comes to servicing machines on site, our engineers are all DBS cleared for your peace of mind and we understand that our technicians may need to attend site out of hours to eliminate disruption within the standard working day.


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