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The Last Straw!

Last night we attended The Last Straw event last night hosted by Antony Law for the International Facilities Management Association.  This was in association with RICS and we discussed a number of ways to reduce single use plastic within the FM industry, and the hugely positive impact this can have.

We were proud to have had the opportunity to showcase Purex® again, a product that supports the aims and goals of environmental sustainability 100%

Purex® is an innovative chemical free cleaning solution that has numerous positive environmental benefits including an elimination of single use plastic. Additional benefits include cleaner environments, risk elimination to users through eradication of chemical exposure, cost reductions and simplicity of use.

The system is simple to install and requires only a water supply and a waste; it does not require electricity.  It can be dispensed into cleaning machines, mop buckets, trigger sprays etc and does not lose its effectiveness over time.  It can also be stored in reusable bottles, further reducing wastage.

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