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Reduce running costs & Increase productivity!

The Windex Stringray is most efficient indoor cleaning tool ever! Perfect for cleaning indoor glass and windows, glass partitions, showcases, mirrors, glass refrigerator doors, elevators, washable doors and tables and much more!

These units are now supplied with a NEW, easily refillable tank, making them ideal for use with Purex® to achieve a streak-free finish! Embrace chemical-free cleaning and eliminate waste from single-use pouches, whilst reducing running costs!

Several other benefits of the system include:-
Incredible ease-of-use
• Drip-proof due to integrated leakage protection
• Double intake manifold for perfect use at all angles
• 150ml tank can cover up to 150m²
• Spray activation button on each Easy-Click-Pole as well as on the handheld unit

• New one step ‘Apply and Clean’ technology
• New microfibre TriPad for simultaneous cleaning of windows and frames
• Enclosed spray nozzle design prevents overspraying, eliminating drips, streaks and the rework associated with wet window sills

Total Flexibility
• Unique triangular TriPad shape makes it easy to clean corners and hard to reach areas
• New Easy-Click-Pole technology – simply add on another pole extension for greater reach!

Ergonomic and safe
• Enclosed spray nozzle prevents inhalation of liquid
• Triangular pole shape facilitates enhanced grip for perfect control
• Stingray’s weight distribution is towards the cleaning surface, so it is easy to use and minimizes back strain
• Battery powered sprayer reduces operator fatigue

Available in three lengths: 1m, 3.3m and the NEW 4.5m! Click here to view the range!

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