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Thank Your Cleaner Day!

The Thank Your Cleaner Day is a special day once a year dedicated to all cleaners. It’s the day to take the opportunity to thank the people who keep workplaces and public buildings clean, safe and hygienic. On this day, October 16th 2019, it’s the chance to say “Thank You!” for everyone working in a facility that is cleaned by professional cleaners. This could be office buildings, factories or public buildings like schools.

The day was conducted for the first time four years ago, in New Zealand, by the local trade organization for Building Services Contractors (BSCNZ). BSCNZ has a strong network with the companies who provide professional cleaning services in the workplace area thus, through their engagement, word about the Thank Your Cleaner Day was spread widely and the Thank Your Cleaner day was a great success. In 2017, BSCNZ CEO Lillian Small was recognised for her effort in celebrating the unsung heroes of the cleaning industry at the “Cleaning for a Brighter Future” conference.

Together with similar local partners from participating countries, the Thank Your Cleaner Day is now established on a global level, recognising the hard working cleaners around the world, who often work outside office hours and therefore out of sight.

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