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Purex – Chemical free cleaning

Jason Tallamy, the Sales & Marketing Director here at Craftex, has received an enormous response from clients wishing to apply Purex within their varying facilities management remits. With this in mind, we thought it would be good to give more detail on the system in layman’s terms.

The concept of “chemical free cleaning with pure water” works by passing tap water through reverse osmosis and/or de-mineralising bead filters removing limestone, heavy metals, nitrates, chlorine, etc. all of which are normally found in tap water, thus producing pure water. This pure water naturally wants to return to its impure state, absorbing dirt particles and bacteria efficiently from any surface that it comes into contact with. 

When used in cleaning methods, the pure water removes dirt without the use of chemicals, and dries leaving a residue-free finish on all surfaces. 

In more simple terms, the pure water is essentially unstable without the balancing aid of its natural minerals and substances that are added to make it safe for human consumption. It wants to cling to something as it is passed over surfaces and therefore becomes an effective cleaning agent, lifting and absorbing dirt and bacteria.

Due to its residue free finish, it provides outstanding results on stainless, chrome, glass, marble and porcelain surfaces.  We are currently also getting great results in washroom and canteen areas, on high use frequency touch areas and even when used on carpets for stain removal! 

Purex is not suitable for use in areas that have high levels of carbonised dirt and of course, it has no fragrance. Therefore, we present it as a potential 90% replacement for chemicals, as we are aware that carbonised dirt and areas such as toilet bowls etc. will benefit from appropriate chemical solutions.

Upon installation, our team will determine test points and carry out before and after cleaning test with our ATP test meter to give evidence of the potential cleanliness.

Key benefits of using Purex in the workplace are:

  • Productivity: Reduced workplace downtime
  • OH&S: Chemical free cleaning
  • Environmental: 100% sustainable
  • Training: User friendly system
  • Cost: Massively reduced running cost compared to traditional cleaning methods
  • Application: Safe to use on all water washable surfaces
  • Lifespan: No time limit on the competence of Purex water

The Purex 80 Processing Cabinet is available to view online here.



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