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Purex – Chemical free cleaning


Purex is a chemical free cleaning solution for all daily cleaning tasks on water washable surfaces. Purex doesn’t alter existing cleaning processes as it is dispensed in various forms including hand sprayers, mopping systems and scrubber driers. It excels in cleaning and the reduction of bacteria, creating a cleaner workplace. Purex is residue free.

Tap water is passed through seven stages of unique micro-filtration to remove the following elements: common bacteria’s, chlorine, natural minerals and grit and other inorganic compounds such as calcium. The final stages of filtration create the Purex product. The composition of the Purex is instable and when passed over surfaces, and therefore it absorbs dirt and bacteria to gain stability.

The result is a clean, streak free surface with reduced bacteria levels. The performance of Purex can be monitored by Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) testing.

Key benefits of using Purex in the workplace are:

  • Productivity: Reduced workplace downtime, no chemical back orders as product is produced on site
  • Increased OH&S: No COSHH requirements
  • Cleaner Workplace: Purex absorbs dirt and bacteria
  • Healthier Client Environment: No risk from chemical exposure
  • Environmental sustainability: Zero chemical waste and no packaging waste as product is produced on site
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: Product is produced on site
  • Training: User friendly system
  • Cost: Massively reduced running cost compared to traditional cleaning methods
  • Application: Safe to use on all water washable surfaces
  • Lifespan: No time limit on the competence of Purex water

There are a number of benefits that the Purex system holds over against other systems of this sort:

  • Purex has a shelf life 10 months plus, removing margin for user error
  • No electricity is required meaning installation is simple and there is a greater choice of locations is available
  • Reduced filter costs give increased margin over the contract life
  • Purex does not require pre-treatment by salt before processing
  • Purex absorbs both dirt and bacteria in one single pass

Upon installation, our team will determine test points and carry out before and after cleaning test with our ATP test meter to give evidence of the potential cleanliness. 

After the first ninety days of cleaning with Purex at one of our clients sites, cleanliness in certain areas had increased measurably by up to 80%!

The Purex 80 Processing Cabinet is available to view online here.



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