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Stain Removal Guide

A guide to removing the most common stains using Craftex products.  Stains are listed alphabetically on the left, followed by the solution product/s.  

ALCOHOL: Fibre Fresh Rinse or Pre Enzyme Solution.


BATTERY ACID: Solution Top Grade or Regular Powder.  (Act quickly as batteries contain sulphuric acid).

BEER: Pre Enzyme Solution.

BEETROOT: Shift or Coffee Stain Remover.

BIRD DROPPINGS: Champion then Fibre Fresh Rinse.

BLACKCURRANT: Shift or Coffee Stain Remover.

BLOOD: Enzyme Prespray.

BURNS: For wool carpets, gently rub with fine sandpaper.  For synthetic carpets, fibres will melt together into black lump which may be cut out.

CANDLE WAX: Place a terry towel over the spot, lightly apply a little heat with a warm iron.  Do not place iron directly on the carpet.  Absorb as much wax as possible into the towel and treat with Chewing Gum Remover & Solvent Spotter.

CHEWING GUM: Chewing Gum Remover & Solvent Spotter.


CRAYON: Extra-Solv.

CREOSOTE: Fabric Dry Cleaner.

COCA COLA: Microsplit or Coffee Stain Remover.

COFFEE: Shift or Coffee Stain Remover.

COSMETICS: Extra-Solv then Dry Foam Shampoo.

CURRY: Dry Foam Shampoo then Fibre Fresh Rinse, or Microsplit.

DYE: Extra-Solv then Dry Foam Shampoo then Fibre Fresh Rinse.

EGG: Enzyme Prespray.

EXCREMENT: Fibre Fresh Rinse or Urine Neutraliser.

FAT: Pre Enzyme Solution.


FRUIT JUICE: Fibre Fresh Rinse or Coffee Stain Remover.

FURNITURE POLISH: Extra-Solv then Dry Foam Shampoo.

GLUE, ADHESIVES: Acetone glue Remover.

GRASS: Microsplit.

GREASE: Fabric Dry Cleaner or Champion then Fibre Fresh Rinse.

HAIR LACQUER: Acetone Glue Remover.

HAIR DYE: Extra-Solv, then Fibre Fresh Rinse.

ICE CREAM: Pre Enzyme Solution.

INDENTATIONS: Caused by furniture or heavy objects.  Application of an ice cube or steam, followed by brushing gently.

INK, WRITING: Alco-Spot.

IRON MOULD: Rust & Iron Mould Remover.

IODINE: Dry Foam Shampoo, if needed extract with Top Grade Powder.

JAM: Dry Foam Shampoo.

KETCHUP: Dry Foam Shampoo then Fibre Fresh Rinse.

LIPSTICK: Acetone Glue Remover or Extra Solv.


MILK: Enzyme Pre-spray.

MUSTARD: Dry Foam Shampoo.

NAIL VARNISH: Acetone Glue Remover.

OIL: Extra-Solv.

OINTMENT: Extra-Solv.

PAINT, EMULSION: Full Power Graffiti Remover Aerosol.

PAINT, OIL BASED: Extra-Solv then Graffiti Remover Aerosol.

PERFUME: Fibre Fresh Rinse.

PERSPIRATION: Enzyme Prespray then Fibre Fresh Rinse.

PLASTICINE, BLUE TACK: Chewing Gum Remover & Solvent Spotter.


RED WINE: If fresh, use Microsplit, otherwise use Shift or Coffee Stain Remover.

RUST: Rust & Iron Mould Remover.


SHOE POLISH WAX: Fabric Dry Cleaner, then Extra-Solv.

SOFT DRINKS: Microsplit.

SOOT: Dry vacuum first then Champion, the Fibre Fresh Rinse.

SYRUP: Dry Foam Shampoo.

TAR & ASPHALT: Chewing Gum Remover & Solvent Spotter.

TEA: Shift or Coffee Stain Remover.

TOOTHPASTE: Dry Foam Shampoo.

URINE: Urine Neutraliser.

VOMIT: Urine Neutraliser or Pre Enzyme Solution.

WHITE WINE: Fibre Fresh Rinse.

YELLOWING (Tanning): Neat Fibre Fresh Rinse or Coffee Stain Remover, then Champion.

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